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After School Swim Classes for Children

Swim Classes for Children

(Pre-school and school age children. Two and a half years onwards)

Children’s swimming class times are Monday to Friday 4.00pm to 6.30pm and Saturday 9.00am to 3.00pm. All children’s swim classes are of 30 minute duration. There are 11 levels at these times, ranging from beginners all the way through to our squad swimmers. Beginner classes have only four students in them and teachers are in the water at all times and instruction is individual, one on one. Each student is working at their own level of competency at their own pace. In between turns with their teacher they have the opportunity to practice, develop water awareness and confidence. Parents are encouraged to sit at the pool edge until their children are familiar with the environment.
Once children are able to swim freestyle and backstroke correctly for ten metres they are promoted to the Seals class where there is a maximum of six students and the teacher is out of the water. Here we introduce breast stroke and butterfly and swimming in deep water.

Once confident and swimming well in the deeper water children are promoted to the larger twenty-five metre pool and are promoted to our Dolphins class. From here the students progress to our Sharks, Bronze and Silver level where the emphasis is on stroke technique and fitness in the water. There are a maximum of 6-8 students in these classes. All children’s swim classes incorporate survival skills into the program. We have only one six week break (the same time as the school Christmas holidays) during the year so there is continuity in the program and therefore quicker progress. We have a very fair make-up system. This allows you to prepare for holidays or parties or other family and school commitments. If for any reason you need to cancel a swimming lesson you may, even with short notice (before 2pm on your lesson day or 10:30 on Saturdays) call us and arrange to reschedule to another time of your choosing within the next eight weeks. If you chose not to reschedule there is a half price booking fee. If you cancel later than the cut off time or you do not show up for a swimming pool lesson a full fee for that lesson is required. Outside working hours messages for cancelled lessons may be left on the answering machine. Payment is as you go, no up front fees or deposits. First swimming pool lesson for children is free. Swimming caps are compulsory in these classes


1 child $20 per week
2 children $19.50 each per week
3 children $19 each per week.

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